Yes or No?


Do you lack self-worth?

If we have to question our own judgement in the face of conflict, or question whether we are right or wrong in tough situations—there's a serious lack of self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth.

Can you silence your mind?

Over-analyzing situations will lead to excessive thoughts. The intellect is strong, and if we don't cultivate spirit it will overpower our will and make us freeze up with indecision. 

Has past trauma ruined your relationships?

Constant fighting, hot and cold moments that repeat themselves, break-ups and needy validation from others—all signs that past trauma has its hold on you.  

Feeling lost, hopeless, and without purpose?

Sometimes we get stuck and have no where or no one to turn to. We don't know what the point of all this is for, and darkness surrounds us. 

Are you constantly drained?

Other people, toxic relationships, and exhausting work can cripple our lives. Your energy should be treated like money, handled carefully, and only used on things that give value back to you. 

Become A Yogi

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A True Meditation Expert

The basis of Rajan's teachings were formed while living a life of serious personal discipline and training for 12 years as a traditional Hindu monk in a monastery. He was trained by one of Hinduism’s foremost spiritual leaders of our time, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami.

Personal Coaching and Public Speaking

Rajan speaks on a variety of subjects surrounding self-development and self-reliance. Each of the topics comes with practical tools that are applicable in every aspect of daily life and, when practiced consistently, bring about change that can be sustained.

Personal Training

While studying and applying exercise science in Hawaii, Rajan discovered the most efficient and effective ways for busy people—entrepreneurs—to get in shape and keep it throughout their busy lifestyle. 

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