Rajan Shankara's 5 week course was designed by monks to make anyone a yogi

Monk meditation

Our Five Week Course:

A practical meditation course that uses techniques and teachings developed by monks.

A 5-week online course that teaches you how to:

  • control and focus your mind
  • practice concentration
  • develop and use willpower
  • learn to work with your own energy
  • learn a systematic goal orientated approach to help you establish a successful and sustainable meditation practice

The meditation that was taught to Rajan is highly effective. It helps one define a meditation goal, lay out a path to it and create a sustainable practice that eventually brings forth insights and spiritual unfoldment. The system teaches you to concentrate your energy towards creating what you want in life and directing it as well. Meditation, along with self-study, is the tool to unlock your greatest potential. 

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In this course, Rajan outlines some of the very basic training he received from his guru when living in a monastery as a monk. Techniques and teachings that have been developed by Hindu monks to help reveal a persons greatest potential. The monks knew that one has to first begin by understanding the mind, and then develop concentration and willpower. Once you have a good grasp over the mind you can begin to go within you to discover your greatest potential through the practice of meditation.