Ashourina, San Jose, CA

Just wanted to say thank you again, I don't care if you don't care to hear it! Today was the first day I felt like myself in a long time. Over two months now. I so appreciate your insight and I am so fortunate to have your help and wisdom. 

Harold, Texas

Every time we talk I become more motivated and inspired. You lifted my spirits when we talked. I really appreciate you my friend. 

Mayuresh, CA

...I also just wanted to thank you again for really mentoring me this past year. I'm about to finish my junior year tomorrow and I use the techniques we talked about everyday. It's given me a huge edge over the competition and my perspective is so much more focused. 

Paul, Chicago, Illinois

I've been meditating with Rajan for nearly a year. I was already somewhat experienced but practicing with Rajan has been a whole other level. Or two. Or three. 

   Rajan is clearly an expert meditator as well as an excellent mentor and coach. Being a great, supportive and patient guy doesn't hurt either. In my case, it has given me tangible and significant improvement in focus, energy levels and willpower. 

   It has provided the added benefit of reducing base stress levels which has had a very positive impact on some health issues I had. Rajan's meditation is how I start EVERY day. 

Laurie, Denver, CO

I had the opportunity to sit in a meditation with Raj. It just happened to be during a time in my life a prior trauma had resurfaced. I found Raj's technique so helpful that I pursued one on one sessions with him. I am eternally grateful as today I have peace and a new freedom. 

Przemek, Poland

I wanted to say you really inspire me to be better by your lectures, videos and posts. You did motivate me with your recent lecture about proactivity and to focus more on improving myself. I got back to learning German, working out and meditating and I haven't felt so good in a long time. I"m a high school student in Poland and just wanted to say you impacted my life in a positive way. 

Chris, Philadelphia

I've had the distinct pleasure of attending some of Rajan's meditation classes. Rajan and I have also spoken numerous times about life and I always come away from the sessions inspired, focused and empowered. Rajan just gets it. This man has been a catalyst for positive change in me. Many thanks my brother. 

Matthew, Denver, CO

Rajan has made me a better person!

Kevin, New Mexico

Rajan helped me change my life and become the man I was born to be. 

Brandon, CA

I'm a better person thanks to Rajan.

Mike, Chicago, Illinois

I happened to stumble upon Rajan's writings some time ago, and they hit me like nothing I've read. Those writings continue to inspire me and I decided then and there that I would give back to the world and community that had given me so much. 

Taqwa, Florida

You are a true friend, mentor and leader. You are a huge source of inspiration. Thank you for the good work my friend, it is an honor to work with you. 

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